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Environmental & Social Policy

1. Background

Inlogik operates its business in an environmental and social context. ExpenseMe is a product owned by Inlogik Pty Ltd.

2. Policy

Inlogik will:

  • comply with its legal obligations in relation to society and the environment;
  • actively seek to contribute positively to the societies in which it operates;
  • actively seek to contribute to better environmental outcomes including minimising waste and reducing emissions; and
  • co-operate in programs initiated by its partners, as contributing to better social and environmental outcomes.

It is recognised that an important part of optimising outcomes is to involve and educate staff.

3. Measurement and KPIs

Inlogik will develop and monitor KPIs that reflect its environmental and social performance. Initial measurements are limited to stationary, air travel and energy use, monitored in absolute terms and relative to revenue. Targets by the CEO will be set in consultation with staff and management to improve outcomes.

4. Supplier impacts

Inlogik will require material suppliers to it to demonstrate their social and environmental commitments and will include such measures in assessing its suppliers and awarding contracts.

5. Customer Commitments Register

Inlogik will keep a register of commitments made to customers and other partners in relation to social and environmental performance to ensure compliance.

6. Policy Compliance

The Chief Risk and Legal Officer will verify compliance to this policy including reporting.

It is recognised that the last 5 years have involved an exceptional level of development activity relative to earned income, and material changes to the nature of the group’s business, including international development and office changes.

During this period the emphasis of this plan has been on:

  • Improving measurement including tracking of travel
  • Reducing use of paper and related stationary in favour of electronic outputs
  • Encouraging use of virtual communications (Zoom and webinars) to reduce relative travel requirements
  • Ensuring basic initiatives, such as Zipo water faucets, are in place
  • The 2015-2016 year will be considered a benchmark year. KPIs will be set as:
    1. $ Stationary Spend over $ Customer Revenue
    2. $ Air Travel Spend over $ Customer Revenue
    3. $ Electricity over $ Customer Revenue
  • A general target of 5% improvement is set per year. This is indicative, and it is noted that this is likely to be impacted by international development travel. Data will be kept with and without that impact.
  • Outcomes will be reported to staff, shareholders and other interested partners.
  • Staff are encouraged to develop local and additional initiatives and report.